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+ Productivity - time - money = consuman

consuman® allows companies to organize and take their maintenance departments to the next level, improving quality of service and obtaining control over costs and saving operational time.

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Control, foresee and plan with a single platform

+ Visibility.
+ Traceability and Control.
+ Forecast and prediction.
+ Knowledge and better decision making.
+ Ease of management and access to real-time information.
+ Reduction of manual and repetitive tasks.
+ Less downtime of your assets and installations.
+ Higher productivity.

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The impact of consuman® in a company


Savings in maintenance costs.

Thanks to the visualization of assets, tasks and operators, consuman® allows you to make decisions based on actual metrics and achieve savings of up to 30% of your maintenance budget.


Savings in task management times.

With consuman® you can increase productivity and reduce downtime of your assets and facilities, speeding up the management of the area and improving access to all the information.


Savings in stock management costs

consuman® allows you to take full control of your storeroom, at the right time and at the best price.


Make everything work.

consuman® is a web and mobile maintenance and asset management solution, very easy to use, that allows your team to optimize tasks, save times and costs.

Full Web and Mobile platform. Multi-companies Multicurrency

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Success stories

More than 500 customers in 11 countries have stories to tell.


Tarjeta Naranja

“Before consuman® we managed everything with Excel spreadsheets and it was cumbersome to know the Activities of suppliers and operators. We lost times, management costs and operations. Now we can know traceability, preventive, corrective and operating load.”

Ing. Nicolás Chiban

- Maintenance manager


Granja Tres Arroyos

“With consuman®, we significantly decrease the plant stops by equipment breaks, In addition to scheduling preventive maintenance, maximize the use of physical and human resources , and work in an organized scheme, which allows your company to approve internal and external audits.”

Mauro Cejas

- Project Director.


University Clinic “Reyna Fabiola”

“Thanks to consuman® I can have an exact control of stock of supplies and materials, as well as the reports I need, having all maintenance activities registered”

Martín Mura

- Responsible for the Maintenance and Infrastructure and Bioenginery Department.


Police of the Province of Córdoba

“Thanks to consuman® we can order purchases of materials, spare parts and inputs in the most convenient way.”

Police of the Province of Córdoba



Gobierno de San Juan

“Thanks to consuman® we can centrally attend the different dependencies.”

Government of San Juan




“Consuman® allows us to systematize and record all events that happen referred to maintenance of the factory equipment. This has allowed us to generate savings of importance in maintenance management.”


Gustavo Peyronnet

- Head of plant


From Argentina to all latam, thanks to our partner network

We have a network of commercial distributors with local presence and top of the line support service level with presence in 11 countries.

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Consuman is a web and mobile solution for asset and maintenance management, which allows you to optimize tasks.